March Community Information Sessions

Get on board this exciting adventure with The Great Bike Hike (TGBH) and join us for the latest round of Community meetings to progress and explore the opportunities for showcasing and celebrating inclusive practices that make WA communities such welcoming and affirming places for  people with disabilities, mental illness, their families and carers. 

Neil Carver -Smith and Cindy Gorton, the Community Liaison Team, are keen to encourage and work with the towns identified on the Great Bike Hike route to plan and run local community Expos and celebrations.

To help this happen, the Chair of TGBH, Bevan Dellar, and the Community Liaison team are coming soon to visit 7 of the towns/city on The Great Bike Hike route and invite community members to meet with us to find out more about how you can get involved and the assistance we can give you.   Community meeting details are set out below.

Get Ready

We are looking for government and non-government organisations and the community in general to get involved in the following ways:

  • Join the local team who are planning the celebrations and Expo
  • Showcase your project/initiative for people with a disability at the Expo
  • Run an event/activity there to encourage 'Count Me In' practices
  • Promote TGBH event to your neighbours and friends
  • Help out on the day
  • Come and meet the intrepid riders as they join in your local celebrations and Expo

So if you are from a local school, a sports club, a disability group, the local council, or just a concerned and interested local and you want to attend the meeting please send us an email.  


Monday 19th March, 10-12noon
Dongara Community Resource Centre
11 Moreton Tce, Dongara


Monday 19th March, 2-4pm
2 Museum Pl, Geraldton


Tuesday 20th March, 9-11am  
Northampton Shire Office  
Hampton Road, Northampton


Tuesday 20th March, 3-5pm
Gascoyne Development Commission 
15 Stuart St, Carnarvon


Wednesday 21st March, 2.30-4.30pm
KCH at Pam BuchananFC
51 Gardugarli Drive, Baynton West Karratha

Port Hedland       

Thursday 22nd March, 9-11am
JD Hardie Centre
Cottier Drive, South Hedland, (Tel: (08) 9158 9380)


Friday 23rd March, 10-12noon
Broome Circle  at Broome Community Centre
Cnr Frederic & Welds Sts, Broome

  • Lottery West
  • Disability Services Commission
  • Win TV
  • Atlas
  • Skywest
  • Citic Pacific Mining
  • Workpower
  • Zeta Tech
  • Soapbox PR
  • Stara
  • Town of Bassendean
  • Trysport Fitness
  • Taylor Smart
  • Indian Ocean Group
  • WPM Group Total Print Management Solutions
  • Daimler Trucks Perth
  • Rock Tape
  • Bike Clinic
  • Cosmic Realty
  • Kelvin Westaway & Associates
  • Department of Transport
  • Cycle Instead
  • Goodrun Solutions
  • Wintersun